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Primary School Building Design – External Grounds Cavendish Primary School.

School building and design project of the new Primary School grounds.

Primary school buildings and surrounding School grounds are as equally important; to the education and well-being of our children. They are often an under-used and under-regarded asset as was the condition in this primary school.

Cavendish Primary School is a single entry urban city primary school. The school has the capacity for a nursery, infant and junior school education, set within a beautiful and rare landscape. The spaces around the school: rear formal playground with community court facilities beyond and meadows sports fields up to the river; side infant school play areas nestled within a tree covered grassland areas and a dipping pond set in the midst of trees. All facilities are under-utilized but are a unique asset to the primary school.

A school building project with a focus on external grounds to support school architecture and learning.

This case study reviews the SpaceShapers grounds design that provided such much needed external support spaces including:

– Games and learning focussed playground markings;
– Multi-sports courts for basketball, tennis, and football;
– Rainbow climbing wall;
– Competitive rainbow running track leading to year line ups;
– Multi-use play frames;
– Small class based external arena;
– Mounded early years play zone;
– Refurbishment of the pond, dipping deck and planting of fruit trees and vegetable planters for the gardening club.

The school project transformed the under-utilized external spaces surrounding the school architecture. The project brought new learning and excitement for the primary school children, staff and the wider community, including a much-increased sense of pride.

Integrated thinking is fundamental to good design, build, use and management of schools, with the indoor and outdoor spaces treated as a continuum. Viewed as a case study, SpaceShapers design team and the building contractors provided specific skills that complemented those of the teaching staff within the primary school. The client and team collaborative approach to revamp and diversifying the school grounds learning environments, has brought outstanding results and a marked increase in student learning and attentiveness within the class.

 Primary School building design and getting healthy.

The main goal of this school project concerned the health and well being of the school children and teaching staff. By responding to the brief requirements set out in the curriculum for optimum external support spaces in primary schools. The Ideas behind the design put in place by the team at Spaceshapers to meet the brief were as follows:

– Learning and teaching: the formal, informal and hidden curricula, including play.

– Healthy lifestyles: exercise, emotional well-being, and growing food, balancing safety, risk and challenge.

– Positive behaviour: how design can influence behaviour.

– Community use and development: the role of schools as a focus for community activity.

– Sustainable outcomes: how school grounds design can embrace sustainability and provide opportunities for understanding.

– Different sectors: specific considerations for early years, primary school and special school pupils.

This school project has delivered on all fronts to provide a productive and varied set of external learning and play spaces to compliment the school architecture and primary school curriculum requirements.

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