1 HOSP Hilton Hotel
London, UK

Hilton Hotel

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Peru, South America

Cliff Hotel

4 HOSP Shaza Hotel
Dubai, UAE

Shaza Hotel

Cosmopolitan Hotel in USA
Las Vegas, USA

Cosmopolitan Hotel

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Casablanca, Morocco

Four Seasons Hotel

Award winning hospitality architecture across the UK and Worldwide.

Hotels embody the major expressions of the magic of travel and the fleeting experience of visiting places other than home. From small, modest metropolitan hotels, silent glass and steel boxes with standardised fittings, through to majestic turn-of-the century icons. As well as spas and tropical resorts. This highly varied, complex, seductive and essential typology is currently changing.  In time, neutral hotel chains governed by laws of comfortable efficiency that create space with mechanical reproductions will become obsolete. Instead, they are giving way to a more select and personalised approach of hospitality architecture, offering new parameters of luxury and glamour.

This new trend translates directly to design and architecture. As a result, they have become essential elements when embodying the values offered by a hotel to its clientele. Coupled with a new approach to staff, usually young, professional and smart. The new spaces fall within the philosophy of the sensitive new culture of interior design, where the most important thing is the differentiating character that the designer can give to the hotel. Importantly, this attitude is the exact opposite of the boring and predictable concept of luxury created from the resplendent past. For example, chandeliers, four-poster beds and other stereotypical décor and lifeless furniture used repeatedly since the seventies.

Adapt to new commercial design trends in hotel architecture

More recently, the concept of luxury does away with these models and seeks the ‘grandeur’ of the great 19th-century hotels. Following their subtle combination of elegance and distinction and the cultured cosmopolitan way in which they welcomed the traveller. The modern traveller is one who hopes to find a stimulating and special place as accommodation at his destination. So that it will, despite the fleeting nature of the contact, remain in memory as one of the happiest and most outstanding experiences of their journey.

The modern hotel is a myriad of functions, depending upon the operator’s plan for that location and requirements of the demographic therein. The hotel can vary from a resort focused on leisure or theme park experiences, to a business focussed hotel that may combine workspace options for the short, or long-term stay. It can be spa focussed with tourism in the traditional sense or leaning towards a serviced residence ideal / community living idiom.

The nature of a hotel is changing, as demands for accommodation and related functions change. Due to this, at SpaceShapers we face complex client / operator briefs to meet ever diversifying customer requirements. In order to accommodate this, we have a multi-disciplinary design team, all experienced in the hotel sector and with interior designers, who have specialised in some of the most successful hotels worldwide. For this reason, SpaceShapers is the design firm of choice as your project partner in the changing nature of hospitality architecture.

RIBA Chartered Architects
Environmental Design (low energy) specialists
‘Prince’ qualified Project Managers

Hospitality Architecture
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Hospitality Architecture
Award winning hospitality architecture & design services to the UK and Worldwide. Luxury hotel architecture & interior design to create a bespoke experience.
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