feasibility study for building construction

How to make a feasibility study for building construction

As a client, the first question asked is “how feasible is my project in terms of process/design, cost, programme and operationally?”

The major questions primarily asked of a client are as follows:

  • How much will my project cost related to how much profit I can make?
  • What kind of programme am I looking at to design, tender and build?
  • How much disruption will it cause to me / my business and what are the operational benefits?

It is impossible to consider beginning a project until these essential answers are obtained. This is where we would recommend a Feasibility Study for building construction is undertaken which will answer these major questions before financial and legal commitments are undertaken. At SpaceShapers we undertake these kinds of reports for most of our projects with the assistance of all design disciplines, project managers and commercial cost consultants in house.

The main purpose of a Feasibility Study for building construction before embarking on a project is to:

  • Understand if the project is viable.
  • Establish initial option bearing in terms of design and build areas which then relate to capital and operational costs understanding and programme formation.
  • The Feasibility Study for building construction provides the core information required to undertake further reports such as a business case, project execution plan and strategic brief.

feasibility study for building construction monetary aspects

Our bigger projects require us to carry out a number of more focussed feasibility studies.

These explore different aspects of the project such as:

Planning permission.

  • Whether planners will request specialist reports such as contamination reports, arboricultural reports or environmental impact assessment?
  • Related legal/statutory approvals such as conservation area consent or listed building consent.
  • Full cost estimates in relation to RICS current tender prices.
  • Assessments of existing building re-use projects in terms of feasibility to effectively meet brief and regulatory requirements.

Site appraisals, including geotechnical studies, soil studies and trial pits, utilities availability, party boundary situations, easements and restrictive covenants, etc.

  • Accessibility for a particular site and optioneering.
  • Formation of accommodation briefs and options available to the client in relation to a site.
  • Basic massing to decipher planning potential versus costs and profits.
  • Assessing operational and maintenance issues.
  • Building services optioneering.
  • Programme and Procurement options.

Various stakeholders, statutory authorities and other third parties input into the feasibility study for building construction. We at SpaceShapers know how to produce effective feasibilities so that our clients fully understand what they are getting themselves into.

Our SpaceShapers Building Project Management Team will be able to advise which parties will be relevant for a particular project. We present the assessments we carry out in a structured way. So, our client can decide whether or not to proceed to the next stage.

feasibility study for building construction team

We can help you understand exactly what your options are for a project and how best to deliver it, as well as what it will cost and how long it will take.

Please check our Building Project Management Page for further information.

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