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SpaceShapers – Commercial Architects in London

Whether it’s a new build workspace, a converted older building or an office fit-out, our proven approach works equally well. Similarly, for larger developments as well as smaller specialist facilities. As commercial architects in London, serving UK and international clients, we view space as an opportunity for creativity.

Business models are changing from the traditional office environment. More recently, work spaces demand increased productivity from their people, which can only be gained through optimum personnel interaction and user satisfaction. This takes quality design with engaging environments that promote best practice, working in unison with changing and progressive technology. Consequently, we look at the design problem from the user’s point of view. As well as the landlord’s perspective, to ensure we provide comfortable, productive work environments. Simultaneously fostering ideas and maximising efficiency, through the use of flexible working environments and SMART spaces.

We use expertise from other sectors to inform our design process, when looking at the way people respond to their environment and maximise their working potential. To this end, it is our aim for the landlord and employer to view their built environment as a catalyst for innovation and a bee hive of productivity with an enthusiastic work force. Whereby the workplace should be an environment that attracts the best talent.

Create flexible and low energy spaces through innovative commercial architecture

Key to our design strategy for office spaces, is our view that a productive and inspirational working environment needs to be calibrated to retain the user’s attention. Where ‘blended’ and ‘intentional’ working scenarios can take place through diversity and choice of work spaces. This is achieved with technological innovation through cloud based flexible online platforms. Allowing work spaces to be fully accessible and flexible. Furthermore, it provides the ICT support for various work typologies, whether it be a standard laptop plug in work space or a pop up presentation screen, with the option of fitted microphones and cameras for presentation delivery.

Lastly, our low energy design specialism allows our clients to strive for net zero energy in their projects. Rising energy costs and increased heating and cooling requirements due to climate change are now major factors of commercial design. Because of this, reduction of operational costs is key to a financially viable offering from a landlord. By consistently focusing on these goals, SpaceShapers has become one the top, award winning commercial architects in London.

Commercial Architecture
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Commercial Architecture
Commercial architects in London providing services to UK & Worldwide. Flexible & sustainable work environments to boost creativity & operational savings.
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